How to get Atlas and AtlasControlToolkit controls in your toolbox?

VS tabs
Ok, perhaps there is a lot of you guys who read the book from the first page to the last page. I don’t. Therefore, more than often I miss all those great little tips and sometimes even fundamentals. So, for all of you like myself, who fastforward to the first working example in every programming book, this is a thing you may want to know.

Drag and drop toolbox controls for atlas (Visual Web Developer 2005)

1. Add a new tab to your toolbox (actually two of them, one for Atlas controls and one for AtlasControlToolkit)

To add a tab, click right mouse button under the tab named „General“ and press „Add tab“. The textbox will appear and there type the name of the tab (e.g. Atlas). Do the same thing for the controls for Atlas Control Toolkit.

2. Add controls to your tabs.

Under the new tabs you’ve added, you’ll see text „There are no usable controls in this group. Drag an item onto this text to add it to the toolbox“. Click with your right mouse button on that text, and press „Choose items…“. To add controls for Atlas press „Browse…“ and find the Microsoft.Web.Atlas.dll (from the folder where you have installed it). Then do the same for the AtlasControlToolkit, but then choose AtlasControlToolkit.dll instead.

Ok, very simple, very basic… but also very usefull.

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3 Responses to “How to get Atlas and AtlasControlToolkit controls in your toolbox?”

  1. suneel Says:

    its great to see such a very good explanation to add a atlas tool and control kits..

    ites really simplae
    thank u very much..
    and i recommand u guys to please give a detailed info how to use the controls?
    thank u once again,

  2. codingatlas Says:

    Hi suneel,

    I’m glad you like the blog. Regarding the explanation of controls, yes I’m trying to write about that, but maybe it’s been a bit disorganised so far. The explanation for AtlasControlToolkit controls you can find in the “Atlas Control Tookit” category… I’ll probably open a new
    “Atlas Server Controls” category, and move the random posts on those controls to that category.

    Anyhow, I really appriciate your feedback.


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