Sliding Task Lists project (day 1) – building a user interface

I like to start web applications by making the user interface first. That way it’s much easier for me to understand the scope of the project and even define it. The design itself, I’ve done in the very first part of this series. Today I’ve done the HTML/CSS part of this application (you will notice that links don’t do anything… it’s pure HTML/CSS – no atlas yet).

You can check out how it looks like on reblogger lab :

I’m working on getting this folder to be an application, so that I can provide you with a live functioning example every day.

There is really not too much to be said about the today’s work, except that it needed to be done. I haven’t used tables for design, and basically I’ve just laid the groundwork.

Tomorrow, I will add the Asp.NET membership provider so we can all use our own lists :).

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