Sliding Task Lists project (day 2) – implementing Asp.NET 2 membership provider

Sliding Task Lists project - login page
Today I’ve protected the Sliding Task Lists application with Asp.NET 2 membership provider. Since we are using SQL Server 2005 (remotely) and not SQL Express we needed to do several things in order to complete this step.

I will not go in details here, since Membership provider is way out of scope of this blog, but for starters here are few links : This is a quick start for Membership provider and here is the blog post on how to get membership provider working on full blown SQL Server 2005.

So, basically today I’ve created the login page. You’ll notice some degree of atlas being used there. When you click the “Register!” button, CreateUserWizard appears without postback. This was done very simply with using two UpdatePanel controls. I have noticed that standard Login control has issues with UpdatePanel, so I left that out. The CreateUserWizard on the other hand works fine inside of UpdatePanel.

I’ve also used the little processing image there, which I’ve explained in detail how to create in this post : Always visible loading image.

I have not zipped the whole project yet, since there is not so much to be seen. However, tomorrow or day after tomorrow when I get into more exciting atlas stuff, I’ll provide you with daily updated project files.

Till then, feel free to visit the Sliding Task Lists project and register. Keep in mind that I’ve just laid down the html interface, nothing is functional yet, but we are getting there 🙂

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3 Responses to “Sliding Task Lists project (day 2) – implementing Asp.NET 2 membership provider”

  1. Michael Says:

    Very nice article, I hoping to implement parts of this into my project. Have you zipped the whole project yet so we can DL it.

  2. Useful AJAX Links | pc-aras Says:

    […] Sliding Task Lists project (day 2) — Implementing ASP.NET 2.0 membership provider (Coding […]

  3. steroids Says:

    Good work , keep us posting , your a very good writer…

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