Hi, my name is Ivan and I’m the author of this blog. I work
for reblogger.com as a web developer and on this blog I post my experiences in working with Atlas, Asp.NET and related technologies.

I try to keep the blog up to date as much as possible and to blog regulary, though sometimes it can be challenging, so don’t be angry with me if there is no new post every single day :).

I welcome every comment, question or post suggestion, so please feel free to contact me at ivan@topxml.com (TopXml is actually the company behind reBlogger).

I hope you’ll find something useful on this blog.

Ivan – reBlogger.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Soetam Rizky Says:

    Hi Ivan, your tutorial is very interesting. I offer you to join with me to fill tutorial at my upcoming website. It named dotnetgeek.org, and i’m in process to make it done. However, I can’t afford to fill all tutorial there. And when I saw your tutorial at free blog hosting, it just too ashamed to be there.
    If you’re interested, you can contact me at soetam@stikom.edu

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