So you want to see what you can do with atlas? You think my examples are not cool enough? Well… they aren’t to be honest.

Go to Pageflakes.

It’s definetly an interesting experiment, but I have hard time believing anyone will ever find a good use for this site. The problem with these, I don’t know how to call them,
web portals 2.0 (?!), is that they are limited. I mean, ok my mom would probably like the idea to have “internet”
(here is a definition of internet by Ted Stevens for those of you who are
not familiar with the term :)) on one page, but I can’t bother to be limited by the current number of available flakes (moduls).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of PageFlakes… but this is more from the programer’s standpoint, not as a user.

So perhaps, aiming lower and trying to fix the annoying details with atlas would be more appropriate at this moment, rather than trying to change the way we think of internet and use it.

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